Watching the world quickly slip by as you relax peacefully in a soft and hushed place, free and protected. It sounds like the introduction to a meditation course, but it is exactly what you will experience while seated comfortably in the cockpit, enveloped by silence, while your Pershing 70 plows the waves at over 46 knots and the sea whisks by in the side windows. The merit of this phenomenal mixture of speed, comfort and performance (the Pershing 70’s performance and consumption peak is at 39 knots!) is down to the design that merges good looks and function with the fundamental role of technology and the power of its engines.


  • Cabin: 3
  • Guests: 6
  • Length: 70 feet
  • Beam: 16 feet
  • Fuel: 925 liter
  • Water: 238 liter
  • Engine: MTU 10V 2000 M96L
  • Horse Power: 1623
  • Cruising Speed: 40 knot
  • Max Speed: 46 knot
  • Location: -


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