This archipelago off the north-western coast of Papua consists of more than 1,500 islands, shoals and cays, with 4 larger islands in the centre. In common with many locations in Indonesia, the local waters are home to an amazing variety of marine wildlife and it is consequently considered as one of the best diving destinations the world has to offer. A private yacht charter in Raja Ampat will allow you to explore not just the abundant marine fauna but everything the islands themselves have to offer as well. If you’re not familiar with the area, a fully-crewed vessel will make it easier for you to find the best parts but if you prefer to captain your own yacht, we also offer bareboat charters here.



The Best Time for Hiring a Boat Charter in Raja Ampat

If diving is going to be high on your agenda when sailing around Raja Ampat, we’d suggest avoiding the monsoon season, which is normally from June to September. You can still dive during the monsoon season but underwater visibility is not as good as it is at other times of the year. And if you’re interested in seeing dolphins, killer whales and manta rays, the best time to do this is in November or December. For yachting holidays that don’t involve diving or snorkelling, the rainy season should not be a major concern.

Beach Life in Raja Ampat

Whatever else you are planning to include in your itinerary when you organise your Raja Ampat private boat hire, we recommend setting aside some time to enjoy the fabulous coral sand beaches to be found here. One of the most beautiful, in our opinion, is Pasir Timbul, which is basically just a sandbar beach that appears at low tide every day. With crystal clear waters on either side and the most pristine coral sand you’re ever likely to find in between, it’s worth visiting Pasir Timbul at the right time of day, even if it’s just to take advantage of the magnificent photo opportunity it affords. There are countless other secluded beaches in Raja Ampat that don’t require you to wade through the sea to reach them and on any of these you can easily achieve a level of relaxation which, as the saying goes, makes cooked spaghetti look tense.

Adventures on Dry Land in Raja Ampat

If you can tear yourself away from the beautiful beaches and tropical seas for a while, there is plenty for you to see and do inland while touring these islands. With a rich mixture of ethnicities in the islands’ history, the local culture, craftwork and cuisine is fascinating and you can explore it first hand by arranging a homestay while you’re in the area. There are numerous fishing villages spread throughout the archipelago, as you would expect, and inland tropical forests where a variety of tropical bird species can be observed in their natural habitat. If you can’t wait to start exploring, contact us now to organise your private yacht charter in Raja Ampat.



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