Like many of the islands in Indonesia, the chain of islands that make up the Komodo National Park were mainly formed by ancient volcanic activity under the ocean, resulting in a stunning combination of tropical flora and rugged terrain. But there is no doubt that the main attraction here, and what has made the area most famous, are the Komodo dragons. With adult Komodo dragons reaching up to 3 metres in length, this species is the largest lizard in existence today. Surrounded by coral reefs that support an amazing variety of marine life, the park is also a very popular scuba diving destination. Whether you’re primarily interested in the wildlife or the local scenery, chartering a boat or yacht in Komodo is the best way to see everything it has to offer.



Checking Out the Komodo Dragon

Of the three largest islands in the national park – Komodo, Rinca and Padar – only Komodo and Rinca are now home to the giant lizard: it disappeared from Padar some time ago. Rinca may be the best option if you want to see these magnificent beasts up close as it is generally quieter than Komodo. If you book one of our private charters in Komodo, you can choose to go to both islands, and visit the beautiful Pink Beach on Komodo Island while you’re there. While Komodo dragons rarely attack humans, it is not a good idea to try to explore the national park on your own. Apart from the potential danger, it is illegal to do so: visitors should be accompanied by park rangers and experienced animal handlers on official tours only.

Diving and Snorkelling in Komodo National Park

Chartering a boat or yacht in Komodo will give you the best opportunity to try all of the top snorkelling and dive sites in the area. In addition to the smaller species of tropical marine fish that live close to the coral reefs in local waters, you will also have the chance to see manta rays, sharks and sea turtles. With several distinct areas to explore, each with their own variety of marine life, you may want to spend several days diving in Komodo so be sure to leave enough space in your itinerary if this is something you really enjoy. Owing to the strong currents that are present in most dive sites, Komodo is only really suitable for more experienced divers so if you haven’t already got advanced open water certification, you might want to see to this before your trip.

Outdoor Activities During Your Private Yacht Charter in Komodo

Aside from the giant lizards and the diving, Komodo National Park is a great location for kayaking, hiking and camping. There are a few guesthouses on the islands if you want to stay overnight or you can take day trips from your yacht and sleep on board. August and September are the hottest months of the year so if you’re planning to do a lot of walking or hiking, it’s probably best to arrange your private yacht charter in Komodo outside of this time of year.


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