The Spice Islands. The very name conjures up images of a remote and achingly beautiful tropical paradise where anything is possible. And the islands themselves certainly won’t disappoint! More commonly known as the Banda Islands to local inhabitants, this group of ten islands formed by volcanic activity in the Banda Sea is just over 1,200m miles east of Java. The best way to explore them is undoubtedly from the deck of a luxury yacht: check out our private yacht & boat hire options to see which one suits your needs then get in touch with us to make your booking.



Private Yacht Rental for Spice Islands Diving Adventures

The network of coral reefs and huge variety of marine life in the local waters make the Spice Islands a prime destination for scuba diving enthusiasts and snorkelers from all over the world. Both of these activities can most easily be enjoyed with our private boat hire packages that offer you the freedom to dive in all the best locations around the islands. If you’re not already a qualified diver, it may be possible to combine your yachting holiday with a recognised PADI course run by a qualified instructor. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, you won’t find many more enjoyable places to explore tropical marine life than the Spice Islands in Indonesia.

Exploring the History of the Spice Islands

If you’re interested in the colourful history of the Spice Islands, you can arrange to join the Spice Tour when you visit Banda Besar. The tour, led by a knowledgeable local guide, takes in several plantations and the local town. Among the spices for which this island is known are nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. Nutmeg, which was once more expensive than gold, only grew in this part of the world until the early 1800s, which is why control of the Spice Islands was so hotly contested by colonial powers, including the French, Dutch and British. If you’re interested in colonial architecture, make sure your yacht rental itinerary includes some stops in the Spice Islands.

Walking and Hiking in the Spice Islands

On Banda Neira and Banda Besar, you can explore on foot quite easily, taking a leisurely walk around the islands once you’ve dropped anchor. If that sounds a little too sedate for your liking, you can try hiking up the active volcano that dominates the island of Banda Api, a climb that you should be able to complete in around 3 hours.

Chilling Out in the Spice Islands

Private yacht charters Spice Islands itineraries that include stops at Ay Island, Hatta Island and Rhun Island will suit you perfectly if you’re interested in just chilling out and doing very little for a portion of your holiday. Some of these islands have quite basic amenities – electricity is only available for a few hours in the evening on Hatta Island for example – but they are among the best places in the world to escape the stresses and strains of modern life.


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