Indonesia is appearing on the must-visit list for yachts all over the world. Offering a vast archipelago, from the famous Bali to Komodo National Park near Flores and Raja Ampat National Park a thousand miles further east, just to name a few. Pristine waters, rich marine life, indigenous cultures and natural beauty, are some of Indonesia’s most alluring attractions.

Good and competent local knowledge is key.

Yacht Sourcing has an extensive network of local and international partners in place and can provide a multitude of services throughout Indonesia’s vast archipelago. Furthermore Yacht Sourcing is currently involve in the development of marina facilities in order to provide the best service and support for visiting Superyachts in Indonesia.

Our area of specialization is cruising in Southeast Asia especially in Indonesia. We offer comprehensive services:

Customs & Immigration Clearances
Fuel Bunkering
Technical Assistance & Spare Parts
Cruise / Trip Planning
Berth Arrangements
Visas and Special permits and special request

We also work closely with our partners in the greater Asia Pacific region to ensure peace of mind when cruising in this region.


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