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Fountaine Pajot

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Fountaine Pajot
Power 67


The Power 67 elevates luxury to its ultimate expression and makes sailing at sea an experience of refinement. It is thus in line with the flagship catamaran, the Alegria 67, and Motor Yachts signed Fountaine Pajot, praised by the International Press for their elegance and their behavior at sea.

The Power 67 is a motor catamaran designed for long-term escapades, beautiful cruises or simply for the pleasure of hosting. Driven by a powerful engine up to 2 x 435 hp, the Power 67 has a range of 1,700 nautical miles, ensured by its hull design and the 4,000 liters of fuel on board.

The Power 67 fulfills your most demanding desires: in a sleek and very contemporary aesthetic, it provides you with a trendy living environment. With its rounded, asymmetrical lines, the Power 67 seduces the eye and evokes haughty power. Its volumes impress with the ingenuity of their distribution as well as with their formidable dimensions.

Abandon yourself to the conviviality of its 36m 2 cockpit

adjoining the living room and its various sun loungers, its kitchen with plancha and its huge reception area.

Dream of impossible on the 32 m2 of its Flybridge or let yourself be won by supreme relaxation in the optional jacuzzi of its front living room.

We have declined the Power 67 in different layouts to satisfy the diversity of your desires: long sailing, joyful day trips or evenings dancing at anchor, the Power 67 signed Fountaine Pajot marks the highlights for a lifetime. Available in its Lounge galley version or in the saloon, the Power 67 motor catamaran dazzles with its modern and prestigious 5-star salon.

Taste the emotions of a limitless view in this interior made of lightness. Let yourself be won over by the pleasures of privacy in its Owner version, with a private apartment of 22 m2 , equipped with a large dressing room and an Italian bathroom with two finely designed basins to give all the distinction imaginable at your sea trips.

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