Yacht Sourcing was born from two passions, the sea, and yachting and we strive to pass on that dedication to our customers. Archiving this, we believe, is only possible with a holistic approach ensuring the involvement of all our stakeholders. We pride ourself not only to define the standards in the relationship with our staff but also acknowledge our responsibility to ensure any effort possible to support the local communities we interact with, as well as the constant optimization of our ecological footprint by taking an active role in the conservation of not only beautiful Indonesia and our beloved ocean but the globe.

Over the years we developed intense partnerships with charities in Indonesia and started a reforest program that now overcompensates the resources needed for the construction of our boats. In 2017 we were part of the One Ocean convention in Milan and signed the Charta Esmeralda together with oceanic businesses and activists from around the world.


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