Emergency public activity restrictions (PPKM) are in place until 6 September in Jakarta, Bali and many other regions of Indonesia. Essential services are available, but many public facilities are closed. It is mandatory to wear a face mask when outside. Criminal sanctions, including deportation or large fines may apply for violations of the restrictions. Many non-essential businesses are closed and the public are advised to work from home until at least 6 September.

Public health measures by the Indonesian authorities include restrictions on in-country air travel.

Passengers travelling on domestic flights will need:

  • a PCR certificate issued within 48 hours to confirm that they are free of COVID-19. The certificate should have a readable barcode or QR code and must be issued by a Ministry of Health approved health facility. If the certificate does not have a QR code an additional PCR test may be required on arrival
  • negative Antigen Test issued within 24 hours prior to departure for those who are fully vaccinated travelling within and between Java and Bali for the duration of the PPKM regulations.
  • a completed airline travel declaration form where required
  • a completed Indonesian e-HAC form (online)
  • proof of vaccination, in the form of a vaccination certificate showing at least 1 COVID-19 vaccination having been administered

Children under 12 years of age are temporarily not allowed to travel domestically between provinces/districts/cities.

For international air passengers

Passengers who are leaving Indonesia via Jakarta are exempt from showing proof of COVID-19 vaccination if they have no previous travel connection and are leaving directly from Jakarta. Any other passenger must show evidence of COVID-19 vaccination if they have received the vaccine.

Any passengers who have not received the vaccine, intend to leave Indonesia and need to travel domestically to do so, are exempt from showing vaccine certification subject to the following conditions:

  • they do not leave the airport area during transit
  • they obtain clearance from the Port Health Office at the point of first departure
  • they show a full and valid flight itinerary showing all departure and arrival points

Travel requirements change frequently, sometimes at short notice. 

If you arrive in Bali by sea, a PCR test or negative rapid test with 48 hr validity is required.


  • We’re here to reassure you that your safety remains our top priority. We’ve implemented a number of precautionary measures in response to the situation from increased temperature checks, routine vessel disinfection, and more.
  • All boat areas must installed a hand sanitizer dispenser and a COVID-19 awareness sign in several languages at the entrance of the vessel. The hand sanitizer must be at least 70% alcohol. Everybody who enters should sanitize their hands.
  • Cruise Director to reinforce in daily meetings to guests these guidelines
  • When possible, the vessel should encourage as many online transactions with guests such as: filling online forms, e-learning for theory, paying using online payments or credit cards instead of cash.
  • The Lounge and cabins should have a bottle of hand sanitizer on the counter. The counter must have single use pens available. The guest can be asked to clean the pen themselves.
  • The vessel will have COVID-19 awareness signs, especially in bathrooms reminding guests to wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds.
  • Hand sanitizers dispensers should be placed in every bathroom.
  • Social distancing will be crucial in the daily operations of a the vessel especially when dealing with different groups and guests.