The Phinisi is an elegant wooden sailing yacht with a century-long tradition across the waters of the Indonesian archipelago. Historically, the boat was born from the legend of an ancestral tradition of the Southern islands of Sulawesi. For the longest time, it was reserved for use in the commercial trade and played an important role in the distribution of spices and other goods from Indonesia to every corner of the world.

Today, however, with its combination of timeless design and highest comfort and endurance, the Phinisi has become a sophisticated maritime vessel ideal for even the longest recreational adventures. Its architecture is the unique blend of traditional handcraft, typically found in the Bugis-Makassar culture, and inspiration from modern European and American sailing yachts from the early 19th century.

The main characteristic of the Phinisi is the presence of two masts holding up seven sails of different sizes. The boat is entirely crafted by hands and both the methods as well as the materials used for its construction have been optimized for centuries to ensure the ability to cross oceans. Despite its great history, only a few experts still exist in Indonesia, that are familiar with the complex procedure.

A Phinisi – built by our finest Indonesian craftsmen – can easily reach a length of 18 to 50 meters and is traditionally constructed entirely out of the finest teak and ironwood. Based on the ship’s traditional structure, we offer a completely customized finish, tailored to any specific requirements. All new builds are fitted with the latest technological systems and are built to modern sail yacht standards while ensuring a maximum level in quality, comfort, sustainability and efficiency.


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