47 M
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Crewed Charter
Komodo, Raja Ampat, Banda Islands

Majestic Traditional Phinisi

The Maj Oceanic is a brand-new luxury Phinisi yacht, built in 2020 with a desire to fulfil the dream of a floating palace. With her impressive 47-meter and 6-cabin display, The Maj Oceanic also has the biggest master cabin on the market.

Offering one of the best luxury experiences, this traditional hand-built Phinisi yacht was built by experts to deliver a unique experience.

Everything is made for the guests to have the utmost relaxing experience. With 4 outdoor chilling areas to watch sunsets, a dedicated spa room to enjoy a perfect massage, and multiple dining areas both indoors and outdoors, The Maj Oceanic has everything ready to experience the perfect holidays.

Guest will be able to enjoy numerous activities with full option water sport toys available on board and diving equipment, but also spend a nice evening at the bar area, designed as a luxury palace bar. At the end of the day, guests will make the most of the in-suite cabins.

The Maj Oceanic is the perfect combination of tradition and luxury, putting together the authenticity of Indonesian-built vessels with the modernity and comfort of a 5-star hotel.


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