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Crewed Charter
Komodo, Raja Ampat, Bali Gili Lombok

Mischief’s interiors have been extraordinarily well thought out – even the beds are placed at the perfect height to take in the spectacular views and the yacht feels very much like a floating boutique hotel. Cruise director Herry has in depth experience guiding for visiting superyachts.

Mischief is a luxury cruiser that was custom built by renowned Sulawesi shipwright Pak Haji Wahab with traditional lines are based on phinisi style in ode to the days of the spice trade.

Fusing tropical materials and casual beach cottage style, Mischief is both spacious and elegant, with a combination of double and twin cabins making her ideal for families or friends looking to sail around Indonesia’s islands in the utmost comfort.

Details such as a fantastic galley (ideal for cooking lessons with the two chefs), commitment to eco-friendly materials and comfortable crew areas make Mischief an excellent choice for family gathering or an amazing couples’ charter in Indonesia.


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