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By The Cabin, Crewed Charter

Launched in 2018, specifically to cater to the luxury liveaboard market, Leyla was designed with guests every comfort in mind. Step aboard onto a spacious deck at the front of the boat with steps that lead to a shaded top deck with comfortable seating and areas for relaxation. Additionally, find an airconditioned lounge area furnished with a dining table and plenty of seating. Below deck, there are two double cabins, one master cabin and one smaller cabin which can accommodate a maximum of 10 people.

Explore the eastern islands of Indonesia with a choice of amazing destinations from Komodo National Park, Banda, Raja Ampat, and Alor. While on board you can learn to scuba dive, explore the shorelines by kayak or trek the jungle-clad interiors of deserted islands. The chef and his kitchen team produce an amazing selection of dishes from cooked breakfast buffets to a variation of Indonesian and Mediterranean dishes for lunch and dinner, including beach BBQ’s.

Cruise Indonesia on the lovely Lelya, a voyage of discovery you will never forget.


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