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Weekend & Day Trips
Bali Gili Lombok

A swift and agile cat committed to comfort. An all-rounder of abundance.

Discover the dazzling waters of Bali and beyond on your terms at your own pace. Whether it’s a trip to the Bukit Peninsular or the breathtaking white sands of the Nusa Islands, this could be the ship for you.

Introducing Jemme, our 43m lavish catamaran, equally suited to an extravagant rosé fueled celebration or a day of exploratory adventure. Whether it’s champagne and canapes or surfing and snorkeling, Jemme is a versatile vessel and with 1120 square feet of sail is one of the fastest in her class, perfect for a glorious getaway.

Fantastically, her speed is of no detriment to her functionality as she delivers ultimate comfort for up to 16 guests across her broad decks. Maximum relaxation is guaranteed whether it’s on the large trampoline, under the shaded canopy or atop her cushioned rooftop deck. Fill your glass with your preferred tipple and let the weight of the world slip away.

Jemme delivers all the mod cons you might expect with her 4 cabins featuring DVD players and pressurized showers, a U-shaped galley and a dining table offering ocean views as you sail. Sleeping up to 8 guests Jemme is also an option for an overnight cruise to the Gili’s perhaps, however due to her aforementioned speed and comfort she is perfectly suited for a day trip of discovery. What are you waiting for, it’s time to explore.


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