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Bali Gili Lombok

Taken from Irish folklore, commonly known as Grace O’Malley, a pirate and Gaelic heroine. Designed by a talented English multihull sailboat designer, Derek Kelsall, Granuaile is perfect for your convenient sailing trip around Bali & Lombok area.

The yacht can accommodate 8 guests to experience various sea activities such as fishing, snorkeling and diving.

The double canopies are perfect to relax & soak up the views on soft cushioned double sun beds.

Aboard, with her U-shaped saloon across from the cockpit and large opening bay door, the Granuaile offers a heightened feeling of space, letting in light and focusing on elegance, highlighting the boat’s interior design.

The comfort saloon area features over extended of storage space, and the new layout allows for an user-friendly saloon with a lounger, and ergonomic watch keeping station for when you’re under way. The boat is suitable for liveaboard cruising or as an exclusive charter vessel for honeymooner or family. with 2 double berths and 2 single berths.


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