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41 M
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By The Cabin, Crewed Charter
Komodo, Raja Ampat, Banda Islands

Designed for Adventure

Attention all thrill seekers and disciples of discovery. It is time to fuel your inner fire with a journey of exploration across natures ultimate playground, Indonesia. No other region can claim to have it all, from dive and surf to prehistoric wilderness and wildlife this extraordinary archipelago awaits.

With its elegant, state of the art contemporary and time honoured design this liveaboard combines precise and meticulous German construction, cutting edge technology and traditional Sulawesi sea-faring wisdom. Allow us to introduce the Fenides, the definition of a luxury dive or surfing liveaboard.

From the dive haven of Raja Ampat to the regions famous surf breaks Fenides is the vessel for the adventure seeker. Her thrill-seeking owners have thoughtfully equipped her with all the required equipment and more to ensure everything is taken care of. She is completely modernized with state-of-the-art computer systems and mod cons to deliver a seamless level of performance, enhanced by optimal comfort.

The ultimate liveaboard? It’s no exaggeration. Take a deep breath, there is a lot to go through. Fenides highlights include five air-conditioned en-suite cabins, widescreen TVs, a Bose sound system and two tenders allowing for convenient access to the surf or shallow dive sites. Dive wise she boasts a climate-controlled camera room, and of course dive equipment including nitrox.

If you still have energy after a day of action, she is equipped with stand up paddleboards, snorkeling and fishing gear. Should you wish to take it easy the upper deck is sumptuously laid out for pure relaxation to enjoy your drink of choice while taking in the unmatched sunsets Indonesia has to offer.

Adventure is calling, will you answer?


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