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Crewed Charter
Komodo, Raja Ampat, Banda Islands

A Sailing Yacht for Two

A pretty vision all in white, Alexa once carried spices through Indonesia. Today, she is Indonesia’s only sailing yacht designed for two. Her owner, a Moscow-based designer, lovingly restored her interiors in 2013, opting for a minimalist colour palette and contemporary fittings.

The sole cabin is a study in white, accented with ornate Balinese carvings, exposed wood floors and silk rugs. Large wraparound windows overlook the ocean, allowing plenty of natural light into the cabin, and rustic red bricks dress the ensuite bathroom. Simplicity is a theme that runs through the other indoor spaces too. Natural materials and designer furnishings add warmth and style to the inside living and dining areas.

The top deck is fitted out with a large shaded daybed, his and hers sun loungers, and an intimate alfresco dining table for two where candlelit dinners are set up each night. The crew of seven includes a qualified spa therapist, offering aromatherapy massages at sea or on the shore, a dive instructor and an onboard chef. Menus showcase fine local produce from a network of Indonesian farmers and can be customised for each party. For a special treat, the crew are happy to set up a bonfire and seafood barbecue on the beach.


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