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For travelers who love sailing in Indonesia maritime for sure, ever hear the name of KLM Prana, KM Magia II, KLM The Maj Oceanic, KLM Tiger Blue and some more famous names which are no doubt how beautiful they are. All those Phinisi boats are manufactured by Yacht Sourcing.

Phinisi boat has a special allure for people who love sailing. Besides enjoying the Indonesian maritime which has an amazing underwater life. Comfort during sailing became a priority, especially when travelling using the Phinisi boat which has its legend since the 19th Century. History proves that the Phinisi boat is the perfect choice to enjoy Indonesia’s maritime.

Wood is the majority material for the Phinisi boat, but not all wood could be used for the boat. There are 3 kinds of woods Yacht Sourcing used for every boat:

  1. Teak wood
  2. Iron wood
  3. Candolle wood

All woods have their own characteristics which aren’t owned by other woods;
● Teak wood: High durability, solid, beautiful fiber pattern, easy for manufacture and termite resistant.
● Iron wood: Super high durability, water resistant – all weather, rough texture, and termite resistant.
● Candolle wood: Good durability, beautiful fiber pattern.

Preprocessing the wood before it is ready to use is a dying oven system with the purpose of lavishing water contents on every wood. It will increase the durability of the wood. Yacht Sourcing always uses the best quality of wood for all manufacturing and high skill experienced workers.


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